-The computer systems which created this website, business plan, and online business registry are not responsible for anything, and cannot be held accountable as he are simply running algorithms.

During his years in development at the University, REEPIE has gone head-to-head with some of the biggest, baddest debtors and credit institutions in the WORLD.

and ya know what? he came out on top. and so will you.



®REEPIE even patented himself doign everything from creating a custom electronic-signature to making basic phone calls to the US Patent Office to writing this very sentence!

Jus to be clear: we are an extremely limited liability company. That means we have almost no liability. In fact, there is not any situation known to computers or humans in which our business will take responsibility. HOWEVER we do promise you our uptmost integrity. see: OUR PROMISE TO YOU.and note that promises are not a liability, depsite what the media says! We believe (and REEPIE believes) in the POWER OF PROMISE.

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